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The Life of Wood

The Life of Wood

Finding ways for city dwellers to live in harmony with nature is a subject that many contemporary designers love to explore. If this is something close to your heart too, you need to visit Woodmark Living. Founded in 1986 and driven by the mission of ‘Natural and Original’, Woodmark Living has always been committed to integrating the beauty of nature in its customers’ home environments. Using high-quality timber imported from the United States, including black walnut, cherry and maple, its production processes are 100% natural and dye-free, so you can always enjoy the timeless beauty of natural wood.

Its superb collection of furniture is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you can find objects that perfectly express your unique sense of style. Furniture can also be designed specifically to your requirements. Thanks to the superb quality of timber used, you can also be confident that it won’t warp or deform, even in Hong Kong’s humid climate.

Its classic elongated solid wood table and bench set is ideal for a warm and cosy dining experience, and a great place to sit and chat long after the meal has finished. Alternatively, the exquisite multi-purpose frame is a wonderful choice for displaying all kinds of objects—and with a depth of just 28cm (11 inches) it will save you space too! Or consider a full-height solid wood barrel cabinet, with elegant lines that make it suitable for the bedroom or anywhere else in your home.

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