Via New Town Plaza

47X Chun Shek to Kwai Shing (East)
48X Wo Che to Bayview Garden
49X Kwong Yuen to Tsing Yi Ferry 
72 Tai Wo to Cheung Sha Wan
80K Yu Tsui Court to Sun Chui
80M Sui Wo Court to Kowloon Tong Railway Station
81 Wo Che to Jordan (To Wah Road)
81K Sun Tin Wai to Sui Wo Court
83K Wong Nai Tau to Sha Tin Central (Cir)
85 Fo Tan (Shen Mei St) to Kowloon City Ferry 
86 Wong Nai Tau to Mei Foo
88K Hin Keng to Royal Ascot
89 Lek Yuen to Kwun Tong Railway Station
269D Tin Fu  to Lek Yuen
E42 Pok Hong to Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)
A41 Yu Chui Court to Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)
N271 Fu Heng  to  Hung Hom Railway Station
798 Tiu Keng Leng Station to Fo Tan (via Sha Tin)

Terminus at New Town Plaza

83S Wong Nai Tau to Sha Tin Central
282 Sun Tin Wai to Sha Tin Central (Cir)
283 Mei Chung Court to Sha Tin Central (Cir)
284 Ravana Garden to Sha Tin Central (Cir)
299X Sai Kung to Sha Tin Central
N170 Wah Fu ( Central) to Sha Tin Central
N73 Lok Ma Chau Bus Terminus  to Sha Tin Central

Terminus at Sha Tin Railway Station Bus Terminus

85K Heng On to Sha Tin Railway Station
86K Kam Ying Court to Sha Tin Railway Station
86S Kam Ying Court to Sha Tin Railway Station
88X Ping Tin  to Sha Tin Railway Station (Cir)
89X Kwun Tong Railway Station to Sha Tin Railway Station
170 Wah Fu (Central) to Sha Tin Railway Station
263 Tuen Mun Railway Station to Sha Tin Railway Station


Via  Sha Tin Railway Station

27 Hong Kong Science Park to  Sha Tin Station
27A Pak Shek Kok to  Sha Tin Station
60K Fo Tan Cottage Area to  Sha Tin Station
62K Shatin Lodge to  Sha Tin Station
66K Kau To  to  Sha Tin Station
67A Shek Mun Estate to  Sha Tin Station
67K A Kung Kok to  Sha Tin Station
68K Julimount Garden to

 Sha Tin Station

(Pai Tau Street)


Greenwood Terrace/Ville De Jardin


 Sha Tin Station

(Pai Tau Street)

809K Shui Chuen Au Street  to

 Sha Tin Station

(Pai Tau Street)


Via Shatin Centre 

28K Tai Po Market Station to

Sha Tin Station

(Pak Hok Ting Street)

28S Pak Shek Kok to

Shatin Town Centre

65A Wong Nai Tau to  Sha Tin Central
403 Shek Lei
(Lei Pui Street)
to Sha Tin Wai
403A On Yam (On Chuk Street) to

Sha Tin (Tam Kon Po Street)

481A Tsuen Wan Central  to Sha Tin Centre Street
482 Tsuen Wan
(Tsuen Wan Market Street)

Shatin Town Centre

(Overnight Service)


Ma On Shan (Villa Athena)

to Sha Tin Central


Cross-Border Coach

Guangdong Shenzhen New Town plaza

Ticketing Centre L3, Phase III, New Town Plaza (Near Food Court of Yata)
Service Hour & Routing New Town Plaza Shenzhen Bay Port 07:20 - 20:50
Shenzhen Bay Port New Town Plaza 08:30 - 21:30
Fee HK$45 (One Way)
Cross-Border Coach Boarding/ Alighting Point Near Royal Park Hotel G/F

Coaches commute to Changping, Guangzhou, Huadu, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shunde, Xinhui, Taishan, Kai Ping, Yang Jiang, Huizhou, Yangchun and Xinxing via Shenzhen Bay Port.


Shenzhen Airportlink Hotline

(852) 3139 9332 (HK)
(86) 4006 123 148 (China)

Remarks: Passengers are needed to purchase the ticket in advance and wait at the bus stop 15 minutes before the departure time. No waiting beyond. The bus operator reserves the right to amend and cancel the services without prior notice.

Private Car

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